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Friday, 23 March 2012

Back to Normal
Thank fuck for Jennifer Garner, actress, wife of Ben Badflick and now mother to three Flicklets. Here is a photo of her mere days n weeks after spawning her third child. And doesn't she look gloriously normal? Her hair is scraped back, she's hiding her eyebags with shades and she's layered up to the max to hide her still-bulging tum. 
She's also got a fucking huge smile on her face because, hopefully, she just doesn't give a shit that she isn't already back into a size 8 bandage dress and six-inch heels.
This is what women should look like just days after shouting obscenities at a midwife. Forget the twisted 'normality' of Beyonce and Victoria Beckham. Garner's, bless her glorious chops, has got it spot on.

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