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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Need a brain
The level of idiocy displayed on social networking sites never ceases to amaze me. In fact the keys on my laptop are coated with a crust of dried spittle from where I regularly splutter over the information that people post. It's like watching some giant collective brain haemorrhage where the globe's twitterererers and the like fail to maintain control over their own thoughts. 
And you know who the greatest miscreants are? Those who criticise their employers. Online. On Twitter of all places, for fuck's sake. What in the frig goes through anyone's mind when they decide to announce to the world that their boss is being a complete and utter twat? Or when they think it's imperative that they inform their followers of the almighty fuck up that is their line manager? Apart from the these being the actions of someone so desperate to be sacked that they're this close to holding a knife to their HR director's throat, I'm at a loss as to why anyone would do this.
Yeah, bosses can be bastards and I've met a few of those. And yeah, I've moaned and sobbed in the toilets with the best of 'em. But naming, shaming and sticking all of that on Twitter so that it can be duly logged by said boss as ammo for the next appraisal? Oh, come the frig on.
Laughingly, I've known a few people do this and then complain when they have been given the business end of a written warning, as if being taken to task for publicly slagging off their boss is so unreasonable that it defies the very laws of humanity. One acquaintance tweeted that her boss was a bastard while she was in the office, only to get a tweet from said bastard by return, asking her to pop into his office for what eventually became a sacking. I don't know what was worse. The stupidity of her tweet or the scorching indignance she displayed at her tweets actually being read by the very people she addressed it to. 
I dunno, perhaps it's Darwinian, like the nutbags who lock themselves in washing machines  for a laugh and then suffocate in a hot wash. Perhaps Twitter is society's way of weeding out the potential employees who are hard of thinking. Sod the CV. All you need is a twitterer's name and you're off. Off the shortlist, that is.


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