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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Dr Who WTF?
Mate, I know how you feel
Now Dr Who annoys me on many levels: the stage school-style overacting, the gurning, the ridiculous quips and until recently David Tennant's slack-jawed, boggle-eyed panto schtick. But you know what makes me shriek at the telly the most? The weekly fucking claim that the universe will end unless Dr Who waggles his Tardis somehow or other. Yes, weekly. And Christ, hasn't that gotten boring? 
The problem is that once the writers have plundered the universe saving plot - usually in the first bloody episode of the series - where the fuck else can they go? Suddenly, rescuing Earth from some alien onslaught takes on the dullness of an arse wiping. So it's back to the same old all over again.
Take this week's incessant barking over the last Dr Who of the latest series. Every fucking trailer bangs on about how he dies. Who, exactly, are the people who suck up this bollocks, tuning in for another week of cyber-disappointment? Are they retarded? I mean, do they really think he's going to die? In every episode we're reminded that he can't snuff it so is it really going to happen now?
And to add insult to injury, the bloke who writes this shite has now had to reassure viewers that this won't be the end of the franchise. For fuck's sake! You told viewers that Who is copping his whatsit so what the fuck did you expect? Sobbing pre-teens is the least of it.
Really, who is the dumbest here? The people who get sucked into this or the guys writing it? Or perhaps it's me for getting so frigging arsy about it that I'm belting this out on a Saturday night, instead of watching the show. Personally, I reckon it's my time that's been best spent.



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