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Friday, 15 June 2012

It's a Mystery
Back to your traffic cones, lads
You know, one of things I'll never understand about the festering human race is how popular Monty Python was and, fuck knows, still seems to be. I mean, it's like trying to comprehend the actions of Sadam Hussein or why people watch the X-Factor. It's beyond me.  
Truth is, I've never seen a Monty Python sketch and laughed. Ever. In fact I have never seen one and smiled, internally sniggered or even vaguely forgot that another channel was probably broadcasting something infinitely more entertaining/ funny/ intelligent.
For a start listening to any Monty Python utterance is like listening to a gaggle of 12 year old boys trying to be funny. Are 12 year old boys funny though? Fuck no. And they certainly aren't funny enough to warrant the sort of befuddled adoration that Cleese and his cohorts have attracted. I even remember hearing Monty Python at a comp school sports day - some trying-to-be-popular bell ends were playing a cassette on their new fangled audio machine - and failed to see what the fuck was funny. Believe me, 30 years on I'm still agog that those kids couldn't find more amusement in white noise. 
And for me this theory has been not just tested like Five Mile Island but it's been proven by the fact that in my experience (so get ready for a hastily constructed generalisation) the only people who ever laugh at Monty Python are men. I have honestly never met a woman who thought that Palin and his mates were anything other than graduates spouting  puerile bollocks in between wearing traffic cones on their heads.
Of course, being critical of Monty Python gets me the same reaction as when I am critical of the Beatles: bemusement that I haven't been sucked in by the endless hyperbolic outpourings of the media and succumbed to liking them.
Seriously, if I want to hear anyone banging on about dead parrots or see Confucius blowing a whistle I'll go back to my psych unit and hang about the waiting room. I don't need some sniggering Cambridge tossers to bang on about it for me. If only the rest of the world would realise that. Jesus, talk about a Holy Grail.



At 28 June 2012 at 04:50 , Blogger Martin Veale said...

One day, son, all this will be yours.
What, the curtains?

At 28 June 2012 at 05:04 , Blogger The Kraken said...

See? Not funny. I know your type, Veale. Just you wait 'till you get home.


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