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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Down and Out
Here we go again
There's never a good time to be broke but, fuck me, if the Tories have managed to make poverty even more painful than it already is. Apart from all the blathering about pasty, granny and stamp taxes anyone who is stringing together a living in the hideous region of the poverty line is this far from being dragged through the streets and derided by Etonian toss-jockey David Cameron himself.
For a start foodbanks are the hot new thing if you're at all worried about how you're going to fed your kids. Foodbanks. In 20-fucking-12. Jesus, I thought foodbanks had disappeared with Dickens and chimney-climbing toddlers. But no. They're springing up all over the country, where donations of food are being given to families who are now so broke that going to bed hungry is par for the course.
Add to that the latest news, that some councils have suffered so many cuts that they can no longer afford to house families on their waiting lists, and poverty starts to look like laugh a frigging minute. 
Problem is, though, that this means asking the most poverty stricken and vulnerable in society to up sticks and move to a completely different area which could be hundreds of miles away. Genius. Imagine it. You've got no money, no job and no prospects and your family relies on a foodbank just to get through the week, then on top of all that you're expected to leave your friends and family just to be dumped fuck-knows-where in an identikit estate where your chances of work, money and prospects are even lower simply because you're a stranger in town.
This has to be the closest the poor have ever gotten to being pieces of rancid meat, all but being ferried around in crates because no one wants them. And even if the kids of these unwanted families manage to see through their teens unscathed they then have to look forward to a raging dose of youth unemployment. They can't even stave this off with a stint of further education because university fees are so staggeringly high. Christ, I'd end up disillusioned and rioting too. In fact rioting would be the least of what I'd get up to.
How the nation gets out of this mess is beyond me. I do have one hope though: that the short-sighted fucks who voted Tory at the last election snap out of their reverie and realise what a whopping enormous mistake they have made thus rectifying their devastating brainfuck in the next election. I'm not saying that Labour is the answer - I wouldn't buy so much as a mop from Milliband - but it has to better than this vile representation of 21st Century Britain.
Remember, Cameron sleeps at night. You sure as shit can't say the same thing about the families who are living with poverty, hunger and abandonment. In fact it'll be a while before they get a good night's kip again. Hopefully that while is a short one. Let's end it the next time we have to put a cross in the box. 
(By the way, I thought I'd ranted about this already but it looks like I haven't. I apologise. I didn't mean to spare you like that.)


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