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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Phone Goblins
Just. Shut. Up.
Another prime example of how mobile phones have destroyed humanity. Yesterday I was sitting in a small group of people, all of us discussing some shit or other, when one of the group got out her phone. You know what she did? Dialled a number and started a conversation with whoever the fuck she called, barking so loudly that the rest of us were unable to carry on our conversation.
What, in the barren land of bollocks, was that all about? It was so rude on so many levels that I've actually lost count of them. In fact, I was embarrassed for her, seeing as she was acting like a wanker who'd snorted a record weight of wank. 
Couldn't she have left the conversation for later (I don't recall it starting with "Run! Run for your life!")? Couldn't she have left the group to make it in private? Or couldn't she have conducted it at a level of decibels that wouldn't have resembled a Metallica gig?
Worse, said group member wasn't some acne-riddled, hoody-wearing oik with the manners of a truffle-snuffling boar. It was, in fact, a 50-something woman who sure as shit should have known better.
I know, I know, I sound like a Daily Mail reader. If it's any consolation, I hate myself for it. But spare me the glaring rudeness will you? And said rudeness must be rude if this F-bombing kraken is arsed over it. 
Bloody phone goblin.

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