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Monday, 7 November 2011

Ugly Noise
Aye, another dose of Nickelwank
Oh Christ, I rarely blog about music because a) there's a lot of shit stuff about and I don't have the time to lambast it all and b) there's a lot of great stuff about but I hate being nice. So here's a rare foray into the world of popular beat combos:
What the fuck is that caterwauling otherwise known as Nickelback's latest single When We Stand Together? Fuckadoodledoo, have you ever heard such earnest, self-righteous bawling in all of your life? It makes me want to fill my aural canals with quick drying cement. Here's a taste of what the fop-haired knobwads have unleashed on the world:
When we could feed a starving world/ With what we throw away/ But all we serve are empty words/ That always taste the same
Worse, it sounds like a Eurovision entry, but the type that bags nil points before the losing warblers get packed off back to the arse end of Bulgaria. 
This song, Nickelwank, is not music. It is an infection. A pus-busting boil that must be lanced with a six foot needle and a decontamination chamber. All that bollocks about feeding the world with empty words that taste the same? Well they're choking the fuck out of me.

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